September 16, 2010

Review: Blue Nude by Elizabeth Rosner

Once a prominent painter, Danzig now shares his wisdom and technique with students at San Francisco’s Art Institute—yet his own canvases remain empty. When he meets Israeli-born Merav, the beautiful new model for his class, he senses she may reignite his artistic passion. Merav moved to California to escape the danger and violence of the Middle East, yet she cannot outrun her fears about the past. As the characters challenge one another, Rosner lyrically uncovers their disparate upbringings, their creative awakenings, and their similarly painful, often catastrophic, love lives to propel them toward reconciliation, redemption, and ultimately revival.

I found myself completely engrossed in this novel.  It's one of those books that you fly through because you can't put it down.  Elizabeth is a writing genius!

Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group


September 14, 2010

200 pages

$15.00 US

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Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book for free from Pocket Books.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.  If you purchase a book using my Amazon or Barnes and Noble link, I will receive a small portion of the purchase price.

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Colleen Turner said...

Wow, this sounds like an excellent book! Would love to win it!

Pamela Keener said...

This sounds like mykind of books. I love books that have you so engrossed in the story you don't realize it's almost over.
Love & Hugs,

AmandaSue said...

This sounds interesting, and the cover really caught my eye, its simple and I like the black/white.

debbie said...

I don't think I have read a book like this before. It sounds really good.

Linda Kish said...

I also enjoy books one becomes engrossed in.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Esme said...

the story line did not appeal to me-however your review has me interested.

Bethie said...

Sounds like something I would really enjoy.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Mary said...

I love when you can't put a book down!


Amber said...

Love books like this. Sounds Erotic and interesting!! Love to win this!

hendy said...

Sounds steamy!! Thanks for the review.

wgbc1446 said...

Sounds good. Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

I would like a breezy, quick read too!

tallcapp said...

This sounds like a good book exploring a relationship between an artist and his model.

dvice said...

Sounds like a good book