March 10, 2011

New Design & Added Goodies

You may have noticed that in the past week I have made some changes to my blog.  I also added some important information that I think you might find helpful, such as:

Free Reads - which lists eBooks that can be read for free either on the computer, Kindle or Nook

Share Book-Related Giveaways - which allows you to add your giveaways that pertain to books (amazon gift cards, CSN gift cards, lamps, pretty much anything that has to do with reading).  By adding your giveaways here, you can reach my blog followers, twitters and Facebook fans because I do share this page on those networks.

Reviewer Resources - which has links to sites that offer books to reviewers.

If you know of any other free reads or reviewer resources, please email me at bjhopper(at) and I will add them ASAP.


1 comment:

Linda Kish said...

I love the new additions. Thanks for thinking of us.